Long Island Man Running Against Assemblywoman Ex-Wife Promises To Be Classy About It

Long Island Man Running Against Assemblywoman Ex-Wife Promises To Be Classy About It

What does Irma Schimel think of her son, Mark, who is now theGOP candidate to beat his three-term Assemblywoman wife, Michelle, from whom he separated last year after 32 years of wedded bliss? Apparently Irma Schimel thinks her son Mark is an asshole.

“You’re joking,” Irma Schimel said when she learned of her son’s plans by the Daily News. “This is a really startling thing. It’s a shock. Why would he do this?”

It is a sad day when you realize a child you bore and raised would run for Assembly against the mother of his own two children. (Whom you assure reporters will beat him handily.) But at least he and the GOP promise it will be a "dignified, issue-oriented" campaign! And did they mention classy? Cause it will be!

Frank Moroney, the North Hempstead town GOP chairman, admitted there were concerns the race could degenerate into a bitter, personal battle, but insisted the GOP leaders urged him several times to keep it classy.

“One of the things we made clear is we want this to be a very dignified, issue-oriented campaign,” Moroney said.

For some unknown reason, Long Island Democrats are accusing Mark Schimel and the GOP of some sort of politics of personal destruction.

A Democratic Party source accused Mark Schimel and the Nassau GOP of “lowering themselves to any level . . . and allowing people’s personal issues to become part of political mudslinging.”

Which of course just makes us all want to know about these personal issues. (Our money's on "lesbionic," because that is where our money always is.) Also? Looks like we will now have to find Internet feeds of the official New York Assembly District 16 debates, because those are going to be like 50 times better than Desperate Real Housewives Wisteria zzzzzzzz.

Bring it home for us, Mark Schimel's mom!

“I love her very much,” Irma Schimel said. “I can’t believe he’d do a thing like this. I’m going to talk to him.”

Michelle Schimel, 54, is in her third term, having first been elected in 2007 to replace Thomas DiNapoli, who resigned to become state controller.

“He’ll never win anything against Michelle,” Irma Schimel predicted. “They (the voters) love her.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/estranged-husband-wife-mark-michelle-schimel-running-a-state-assembly-seat-article-1.1077153#ixzz1usLgAILG


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