Longtime U.S. Policy Expert Fidel Castro Says U.S. About To Attack Iran


Dewey Whips Truman, or whatever.Now in his sixth decade as the world's preeminent expert on U.S. foreign policy, retired Cuban president Fidel Castro writes in his newspaper column (in Cuba) that the Obama Administration is about to attack ... Iran. One more war against one more Muslim country can't make things worse, right? Right? Oh, Iran maybe has nuclear weapons of some sort? Well, whatever, so does Pakistan, and we don't have any problem blasting apart suburban houses there, because of terrorism.

Castro, now 84, has been closely watching American policy abroad since 1959, when he became the leader of Cuba following the revolution he led against American corporate-mafia interests there. In the 52 years since he defeated the imperialist yanquis, Castro has watched eleven presidencies go by. Eleven! (Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama.) And Castro is now pretty good at figuring out what Washington is about to do to some other country, as he has been the continual target of what Washington is trying to do, especially when it comes to "regular assassination attempts."

And Castro says Mr. Obama is going (by robot-autopen death drone) to Iran:

I have absolutely no doubt that as soon as the American and Israeli warships are deployed –alongside the rest of the American military vessels positioned off the Iranian coasts– and they try to inspect the first merchant ship from that country, there will be a massive launching of missiles in both directions. At that moment exactly the terrible war will begin. It’s not possible to estimate how many vessels will be sunk or from what country.


An abundance of food exported now to that world market will also disappear abruptly. In these circumstances, the most basic products needed for life: food, water, fuels, and the resources found in the hemisphere south of the United States will suffice to preserve some of the civilization whose unbridled advance has led humanity into such a disaster.

While it's very true that old people sometimes get this way, it is also true that we are deep into a Global Financial Collapse and things are just beginning to get rough -- just now, just starting to get rough, for some of us, mostly in Greece and China and in the awful crushed dreamscapes of the Americans. So, who knows, maybe Nobama really will start a global thermonuclear war, as all other alleged attempts to calm the Ponzi Scheme known as the World Financial System seem to have faltered. [Gramma]


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