Look, Another Witness To Trump's Election Crimes In Georgia

At last we have an answer to a lingering question about the early days of Donald Trump's attempted election-stealing, after he had lost the November election but before he had incited a terrorist attack against the Capitol because he was upset.

It's not something we had talked about a bunch on Wonkette, but if you watch Maddow, you probably are aware the US attorney who was in Atlanta, Byung J. Pak — or "BJay" — abruptly resigned around the time Trump was asking Georgia's secretary of state and governor and everyone else to do him a favor though and help him invalidate his loss in the election. No explanation was ever given — dude just resigned on January 4. Then two days later, Trump's terrorists attacked the Capitol.

Pak talked to the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, and he spilled some gossip about himself:

Byung J. Pak, a former U.S. attorney in Atlanta, told congressional investigators on Wednesday that his abrupt resignation in January had been prompted by Justice Department officials' warning that President Donald J. Trump intended to fire him for refusing to say that widespread voter fraud had been found in Georgia, according to a person familiar with his testimony. [...]

While he did not discuss Mr. Trump's role in his decision to resign at the time, he told the Senate panel that the president had been dismayed that Mr. Pak had investigated allegations of voter fraud in Fulton County, Ga., and not found evidence to support them, according to the person familiar with the statements.

Mr. Pak testified that top department officials had made clear that Mr. Trump intended to fire him over his refusal to say that the results in Georgia had been undermined by voter fraud, the person said. Resigning would pre-empt a public dismissal.

He also described work done by state officials and the F.B.I. to vet Mr. Trump's claims of voter fraud, and said they had not found evidence to support those allegations.

So let's review. Trump a-holes at DOJ told Pak that Trump was going to fire him if he wouldn't lie and say Georgia was full of voter fraud. Trump was upset they'd looked at "allegations" of voter fraud and there wasn't actually any voter fraud, which means all that happened in Georgia is that Georgia hates Trump and chose Joe Biden as its president. "Top department officials" were very clear to Pak that if he didn't tell made-up lies about voter fraud, he was getting fired.

So he quit!

Lest we forget the context of what was going on at the time, Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark was literally trying to order the Georgia legislature convene a special session to overturn the state's results, but all these VERY RESPONSIBLE OFFICIALS at Main Justice were telling Trump that no, there would be no coups that day or any other. Still Trump was obsessed with the fantastic delusion that he had won Georgia.

On January 2, Trump told Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to "find" him 11,780 votes in Georgia. During that phone call, Trump bitched and moaned to Raffensperger about Pak: "You have your never-Trumper US attorney there," said El Whinyass. On January 4, Pak decided to quietly resign rather than carry out Trump's coup orders. (You'll remember that the audio of the Raffensperger call leaked about five seconds after everybody hung up the phone.)

And then on January 6, Trump ordered an attack on the Capitol.

The Times has more of the tick-tock if you'd like to read it.

We're getting all this information right now because the Senate Judiciary Committee is doing an investigation, and because Democrats control the Senate, we're getting an actual investigation. Also, Merrick Garland's DOJ isn't letting former Trump officials hide behind clownass claims of "executive privilege."

Meanwhile, you might have noticed that the criminal investigation by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis seems to have gone very quiet, which as Insider reports, is by design. In normal worlds, extensive criminal investigations into the conduct of the previous president and his minions as they tried to steal an election aren't supposed to be loud affairs, at least not until the indictments start flowing.

More drippage as it drips!

[New York Times]

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