Look At These Vile White Supremacists. Then Tell Us It Can't Happen Here.

Donald Trump spent his Wednesday tossing his salad with racially infused vinaigrette again! And his followers et it up with a non-racially-transcendent fork! It was gross. Really fucking gross. Both of the events we are going to tell you about right now are absolutely not American, and every single one of us should be absolutely horrified. Unfortunately, Republicans will not be horrified, because they are racists just like their president.

First, as Trump was leaving the White House for his rally in North Carolina last night, he pulled that birther trick he always pulls, saying he doesn't know anything about this, but "people are saying" Rep. Ilhan Omar married her own brother. He's not saying! PEOPLE are saying. It apparently came in response to a question from a "journalist" from the One America News Network, because actual hot garbage is allowed to have a White House press pass now.

There's a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother. I know nothing about it [...] I don't know but I'm sure that somebody would be looking at that.

Isn't that cute? "There's a lot of talk about it." Of course, the only "people" talking about it (using the term loosely) come from the Jacob Wohl slice of humanity, and now here it's being repeated by the president of the United States. USA! USA!

But Trump -- and his followers -- were only getting warmed up. Once the rally in Greenville, North Carolina, got started, Trump went through a nice list of blood libel lies about Ilhan Omar, repeating bullshit about how she didn't care about 9/11, because it was just "some people" doing something (that's not what she said) and bullshit about how she "praised" al Qaeda, by somehow saying that the name of al Qaeda (or "Alcaida," as the president would spell it in his mangled meat brain) should be spoken with reverence, as opposed to how you say "America." (Needless to say, all of that is a lie too.)

And it was at that point that Trump's gathering of unbathed warthogs really showed their true colors, as they started chanting "SEND HER BACK! SEND HER BACK! SEND HER BACK!" You know, because they are real Americans, and they agree with Trump that Omar should be "sent back where she came from." They believe this because she's black, and because she's a Muslim who came to America as a Somali refugee. But as we all know, they'd believe this if she was born here too, because they think they -- stupid white supremacists -- are the real Americans, and that everybody else is from somewhere else. Trump believes the same thing.

It was probably the most disgusting behavior we've witnessed from a large group of American citizens since the beginning of the Trump campaign in 2015, but we doubt it will hold that title for long.

Watch how Trump incites their cauldron of hatred. Watch what the crowd turns into. Then try to tell us It Can't Happen Here.

Trump ended this section by saying there were "many other things" you can learn about Ilhan Omar, and that "all you have to do is press the right button on your beautiful screen" to learn them, which is we guess how President Dumbfuck thinks computers work.

And of course, Trump incited hatred against other members of the so-called "squad" he thinks is running for president against him. He had a few things to say about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but most of that section was consumed with him saying he's too stupid to say all three of her names. He, of course, didn't admit it was because he was stupid, but said it was because he doesn't "have time" to say all three names. Sure, dude. Maybe during his nine daily hours of Executive Time he could practice. But maybe not. Maybe parts of his mouth will fall out if he tries to pronounce all those syllables. Maybe he's just functionally illiterate.

Anyway, he's mad that Ocasio-Cortez talks about his concentration camps, and when Trump said "Nazis" and "concentration camps," his followers barked like syphilitic seals who definitely don't act like Nazis, no they never.

And of course, Trump told many other lies -- lots of made up stories where he called himself "sir" actually! -- and now we get to watch the news continue to grapple some more with the brand new information that Donald Trump is a racist who seems to be trying to get sitting members of Congress, all of whom are women of color, murdered, and by Sunday, Chuck Todd will tell us how both sides do it on "Meet The Press."

Just gonna keep going on in this dumbfuck cycle until the republic finally crumbles, we guess.

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