Student protesting at Idaho Capitol building (photo byAnne Helen Petersen)

It's just all #Walkout, all day here at Yr Wonkette. We are so proud of all these terrific kids! Also, we're not crying, YOU'RE crying:

And now it's on to a bunch more pics and tweets, because really, you don't need too much commentary getting in the way. LOOK AT YOUR BEAUTIFUL KIDS!

This 2nd-grader just really wanted to have his say, so he went and joined the high school kids:

Justin in North Carolina was the only one to walk out of his school. He worried that maybe six people might see his post on Twitter. Bit more than that!

"Ben" worried that maybe some kids were being forced to be pawns in others' games, like those two brave kids above who walked out all by themselves, obviously because of peer pressure:

"Gerry," a correspondent for Reuters, thinks "Ben" is a bit of a pillock:

There were other brilliant reactions to certain people's attempts to trivialize the walkouts, too:




You didn't even really have to be in school to walk out:

OK, Mr. Shapiro, we think maybe we found a participant who may not have been entirely there of their own volition. But they have a pretty good scribble!

Looks like a fine little radical to us all the same. And it is now your OPEN THREAD.

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[Top image courtesy of Buzzfeed's Anne Helen Petersen Check out her whole Boise thread! Yes, again.]

Doktor Zoom

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