Look For The Helpers. They Seldom Need Capes.

Today has been another hell of a week! Let's take a quick look at some of the things people are doing to help each other through this, whatever it is (It is a pandemic — wash your damn hands).

The Mexican government has introduced a superhero character, Susana Distancia, in public service announcements to educate the public about the proper distance to help prevent spread of the coronavirus. Her name is a pune, or play on words, in Español, because "Su sana distancia" literally means "his/her healthy distance." Look, here is an ad from Mexico's Ministry of Health:

Via Google Translate of a Spanish-language MSN page, here's some of the dialogue:

I have a super power that helps me slow down the Covid-19 [...] When I extend my arms I can create a space of a meter and a half that keeps me away from the evil coronavirus. That is the healthy distance and do you know what is best? That you also have it

Here is another, no doubt soon to be supplemented by posters and coloring books, and good Crom this is a pretty handy little information campaign.

The campaign was met by any number of smartasses pointing out that Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador hasn't exactly been a paragon of healthy distancing himself, since he's continued holding rallies where he shakes hands and kisses babies. OUR COUNTRIES HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON! Maybe he's getting the message, though — MSN notes that at a presser today, Lopez Obrador's staff made reporters keep one empty chair's distance apart.

Immigrants' rights group United We Dream has put together a package of resources to help undocumented migrants keep themselves safe and get treatment in some states. It's a reminder that for fuckssake, a virus doesn't check anyone's papers, and making sure people who don't have legal status get help is good for everygoddamnedbody.

Titos Vodka is just one of many distillers now making hand sanitizer.

Have I had NPR on at home much of the time I'm cooped up? You bet your ass I have!

All this social distancing and quarantine appears to be resulting in a pet adoption boomlet. YAY DOGS AND CATS.

"We are seeing a surge in offers to foster pets ... while [people] are at home," the New Jersey based Liberty Humane Society said in an email.

The shelter called the foster program "life-saving."

Kate Mayo, a teacher in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, is one of those foster pet parents. She recently took in a 7-month-old basset hound beagle mix named Luna.

YAY LUNA! We look forward to you being a #FosterFail — the hashtag for pets who got adopted instead of fostered after burrowing their way into their new families' hearts.

Pets don't spread the disease, aren't they lucky duckies?

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[Deutsche Welt / MSN (in Spanish) / United We Dream / NPR / American Independent].

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