Look Which Birther-Dentist-Lawyer-Clownshow Has Crawled Out Of Woodwork For Trump Impeachment Suit!


She's BAAAAAAAAAACK! Your favorite birther-dentist-lawyer-Senate candidate-circus clown Orly Taitz wants in on some of that sweet, sweet frivolous lawsuit publicity, and so she's suing Chuck Schumer and Kamala Harris to prove that impeachment is UNLEGAL. Guess it was inevitable when the Blacks and Latinos for Trump filed their bogus suit — you know how our Orly feels about brown people getting something she doesn't have.

Taitz, best known for filing literally dozens of lawsuits challenging Obama's eligibility to run for president and demanding to see his long-form birth certificate, was saying that Hugo Chávez rigged the voting machines back in 2016 before it was even cool! She managed to get sanctioned to the tune of $20,000 for courtroom conduct the judge called "breathtaking in its arrogance and border[ing] on delusional." After which she appealed to the Supreme Court, and then sued demanding Justice Clarence Thomas's long-form signature!

Not to put too fine a point on it, but that bitch is cray.

And now she's back with this truly amazing suit alleging that the impeachment of Donald Trump is not allowed because he's out of office. Which is actually an argument IRL Republican senators are making — in case you were wondering how far the party has sunk in the past 12 years.

Plaintiff, Defend Our Freedoms Foundation (Hereinafter "DOFF") is a California Foundation. Multiple members of the foundation are among nearly 75 million Americans, roughly half of the US voters, who voted for Donald Trump for President in 2020 and intend to vote for him in 2024, and they argue that a senate trial for removal from office of Donald Trump after he already left office, is moot, unconstitutional and utterly void of any legal basis, and aimed at depriving his voters, members of the DOFF foundation, of their first amendment right to vote for him and have him elected in 2024 or at any other time in the future.

(Doff beer for me, Doff beer for you, I'll have a Doff, you've had twenty-two ...)

The point, if we've properly understood this gobbledygook warcrime against syntax and pagination (why is the first page center-justified and the rest left-justified with no spaces between paragraphs?), is that the DOFF-ers will be deprived of their sacred right to vote for Donald Trump again in 2024 if the Senate votes to impeach him and impose a ban on holding office again. Because, see, the Constitution says the only way to remove a president is by impeachment, and that means impeachment is only for sitting presidents.

Legal minds can differ on this topic, but in fact Congress did impeach the secretary of State in 1876, even after he'd resigned. But even if it were settled law that such an impeachment were unconstitutional, the last person earth with standing to challenge it would be Orly freaking Taitz.

The "Constitutional First Amendment right for the political speech, namely, to vote for Donald Trump in future elections" is 100 percent NOT A THING.

But if you'd like to contribute to this public immolation, "Supporters of the foundation are asked to donate to cover the court fees and expenses of this legal action. Donations can be made via pay-pal on the website OrlyTaitzESQ.com or TaitzReport.com or by mail at 29839 Santa Margarita Pkwy, ste 100, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688."

Not tax deductible. Or sane.

Please to offer each other smelling salts and kind ministrations in this your OPEN THREAD.

[DOFF v. Schumer]

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