Look Who Suddenly Supports Labor Now That Scabs Are Messing With Football (Hint: It Is Scott Walker)

Look Who Suddenly Supports Labor Now That Scabs Are Messing With Football (Hint: It Is Scott Walker)

Oh LOOK who is suddenly on the side of organized labor, now that a bunch of scab refs are messing with his precious football? (Hint: it is Scott Walker, the union-busting asshole of a governor from Wisconsin.)

For those of you who do not follow football, the NFL has been using scab referees for the past three weeks after contract negotiations with the refs’ union broke down. The league wants to replace refs' defined-benefit pensions with riskier (and stingier) 401(k)s. The referees, however, argue that the NFL hauls in $9 billion per year and can afford to provide the pension plans that the refs have enjoyed since the 1970s.

Then, on Monday night, the Green Bay Packers (who, as the name suggests, are from Green Bay, Wisconsin) lost to the Seattle Seahawks after these scab referees made a questionable call that was later found to be unsupported by video evidence. [Editrix's note: "Found to unsupported by evidence" is Kris E. Benson's way of saying "was the worst call since that one in the Raiders playoff game that said dude's touchdown was incomplete after he landed on his back in the endzone with the ball on his chest." Yeah, you remember that call.]

Governor Walker’s response, of course, was to applaud the NFL for engaging in cost-cutting measures and sensible, bipartisan solutions to our shared challenges. NO, just kidding, he took to Twitter to demand that the NFL bring back the “real refs.”

Scott Walker Twitter

After Governor Walker’s own union-busting law went into effect, union workers were replaced with prison labor. But that’s different; THOSE unions were representing a bunch of broads who teach our nation’s children; THESE unions have something to do with football.

Oh and also, Scott Walker says that this has nothing to do with unions, just with refs (who, by the way, are amateurs and scabs) making bad calls. And this is how people like Scott Walker resolve a little problem known as "cognitive dissonance."



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