Looney Tunes Arizona GOP Lawmaker Already Claiming Buffalo Shooting Was False Flag

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Looney Tunes Arizona GOP Lawmaker Already Claiming Buffalo Shooting Was False Flag

If there is one thing that really defines the American Right, above and beyond almost anything, it's how they respond to mass shootings. At no point do they ever give a flying fuck about the victims — that is, when they are willing to admit there even are victims — they care only how it is going to look for them. Therefore, there are only two possibilities they are willing to consider when it comes to these tragedies. Either the shooter was actually a liberal or a leftist, or it is a false flag, or a set up by the feds or by George Soros to take their guns away or make them look bad. As if they really need the help.

Right now they're trying for both, it seems. Sure, the shooter hung out on 4chan and the Daily Stormer and was largely motivated by an ideology that Republicans blatantly copped from neo-Nazis, but actually he was a liberal, but also actually, he was a Fed or brainwashed by the Feds and committed the crime to make conservatives look bad. Something like that, anyway. Because it just could not possibly be that rhetoric about how there is a secret plot to replace all white people with immigrants and/or Folgers crystals could make unstable people lose their shit and go on a killing spree.

One of the people currently claiming the alleged shooter is a Fed is none other than GOP Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers, who on Saturday night posted on her Telegram, "Fed boy summer has started in Buffalo."

Ten people were murdered. Ten people whose families and friends will never see them again, who are right now likely doing all they can to not replay everything that happened on Saturday back in their heads and thinking of how things would have been different if they had gone to the grocery store at a different time or to another store or not run out of half and half. So many people are going through absolute hell right now and this is what this woman says? This is what she comes up with?

A 67-year-old elected official responded to this tragedy sounding like she was doing her best impersonation of an angry teenage edgelord who hangs out on 4Chan and The Daily Stormer. Which, again, is the exact type of guy who just killed ten people in a Buffalo supermarket. That's where we're at now with these folks. Right now, Telegram, the Great Awakening message board, 4chan and other troll sites are full of adult human beings — parents, grandparents, people who work in HR, high school guidance counselors — posting Pepe memes and talking about how the Buffalo shooter was obviously a "glowie" (what they call undercover Feds).

This is hardly news given the last few years, but it never really gets less weird, does it?

Rogers is far from the only one who responded this way, and lord knows we shouldn't expect anything more from a woman who loves Robert E. Lee and brags about being an Oath Keeper. But damn, if we did not live in this particular reality, this sure would be shocking coming from a state senator.

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