Loretta Lynn, Gloria Steinem, Some Other People Whatever, Getting The Presidential Medal Of Freedom


don't read the comments on her facebook pageLoretta Lynn and Gloria Steinem are getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom today, along with some total nobodies like Bill Clinton, and some cool dead people like Sally Ride and Senator Daniel Inouye, who was amazing.

Which really has to make you wonder: why does President Barack Obama hate white men? Loretta Lynn, who got kicked off country radio about a million times for writing songs about The Pill, and Vietnam, and being mad at drunky husbands, is only slightly less feminazier than Steinem, who pretty much personally put all the men in Gender Jail and also tricked them by not being ugly. Then you had Sally Ride, who was an actual lesbian, and also too, Oprah, because Barack Obama loves black racism, and everybody knows that is the only kind of racism there is. READ MORE

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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