Los Angeles Times Calls Sarah Palin 'Special-Needs Case'

Los Angeles Times Calls Sarah Palin 'Special-Needs Case'

We sure hope Jonah Goldberg doesn't quit in protest over this, but theLos Angeles Times just described Sarah Palin as a "special-needs case." (Haha, Jonah Goldberg would never quit the one newspaper that would actually pay him for his dumb column. Money's money, honey!) Anyway, this is an extremely exciting editorial in that it says something a) that everyone already believes but b) is about Sarah Palin, so Sarah Palin is somehow going to try to get David Letterman fired over it, and then call him a child molester. Anyway, please enjoy this excerpt from the column that will cause Palin's fans to painstakingly cut out each advertisement in the Sunday paper and then try to "send it to Twitter" by stuffing it in the 'puter's drink holder. Never Forget!

From the April 17 Los Angeles Times that everybody's sending us for some mysterious reason:

It's impossible not to feel like we're punching shamefully below our weight, which everyone knows is against the rules. Palin lacks the intellectual, analytical and rhetorical skills to have a competent discussion about policy or much else. She is handicapped not only by a lack of education, experience and curiosity about the world (wearing a Star of David in Israel doesn't count), but by a speaking style that often collapses under the weight of disjointed, undiagrammable sentences. She is, in terms of the political arena, easily outclassed.

Good, obviously true, but we need a sound byte. Or a twitter twat. Anything we can use for that? Real simple quote, maybe nine words at the end of a sentence that's actually criticizing something else entirely, but can be used by Palin's semi-literate followers as "proof," of socialism?

[T]houghtful writers treat Palin as a special-needs case.

That'll do, pigs. [Los Angeles Times]


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