Lou Dobbs' Job Being Outsourced To India

'This is Lou Dobbs, how can I exceed your expectations today, sir?' - WonketteMeet the new Lou Dobbs: He's still a smug, loud-mouthed Mexican-hating phony, but he's also a Bangalore call-center worker. And instead of orange hair, he's got normal brown hair. And he's got an Indian accent -- just listen to him roll those R's when he says "America's Broken Borders" 39 times per broadcast.

An impossible dream? Maybe not! Brave news publishers in Pasadena are now outsourcing local news reporting to India. With everything online -- including live video of City Council meetings -- there's no need to actually be in Pasadena or earn $30K a year. Better to be in Mumbai or wherever and make $10K a year. Better for the boss, at least!

Reuters already has a huge bureau in Bangalore cranking out biz stories from press releases, because why pay $65,000 to some New York kid who takes up expensive Manhattan office space when you could get somebody much smarter than an American for a fraction of the cost? If this exciting Death To America trend continues, Wonkette may someday employ co-editors who happily live 3,000 miles away from DC!

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Newspaper Reporter Wanted [Craigslist Bangalore]


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