Lou Dobbs Smart Enough To Rid This Nation Of Mexicans

'Sup Esse? - WonketteOrange-headed Space.com founder Lou Dobbs -- currently an anchorman at CNN -- says he's so great because he's so much smarter than idiots like Paula Zahn and Wolf Blitzer. The multi-millionaire "populist" told NPR only his rich experience as an anchorman will save America from free trade and Mexicans.

It's unhealthy to know too much about these people, but in fact Dobbs has been an Invisible Hand economist and lifelong Republican who was openly hostile toward Democrats, "fair traders," unions and the working class for his entire life until his baffling Road to Damascus conversion five years ago. Now, he peddles a bizarre Nader/Buchanan/Minutemen anti-immigrant isolationist anti-Bush platform that makes exactly zero sense. Harvard does that to some people!

Lou Dobbs: I'm Smarter Than Blitzer, Zahn [Fishbowl NY]


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