Lou Dobbs Sorry Lou Dobbs Made Trump Lie About His Approval Rating (Again)

Donald Trump lies about pretty much everything, every day, during every waking hour. He in particular likes to lie about his approval rating, citing a combination of numbers made up by Rasmussen and numbers he pulls out of his own butt, insisting that if only all those illegal Mexicans hadn't voted for Hillary Clinton, his numbers would be EVEN HIGHER.

It was pretty comical the other day, though, when Trump tweeted this:

55 percent approval rating? For Donald Trump? Step away from the bath salts, Mister President!

That played on the Lou Dobbs TV program for senile old racist fart-ribbons with bad Just For Men dye jobs, the host of which also has a bad Just For Men dye job, ALLEGEDLY. We really should focus on Lou more, since reportedly he's the presidential adviser Trump listens tomost on immigration, even more than the White House's Nazi-In-Residence Stephen Miller.

Anyway, the poll cited to show Trump's "soaring approval" (it's never gone above 50 percent AND NEVER WILL) was from Georgetown, and you will be shocked to learn that it didn't find Trump to have a 55 percent approval rating. That wouldn't even make sense, unless the biggest news of the week was that over 10 percent of Americans had suffered head injuries while trying to cram their heads up their own asses, and, newly brain damaged, had started feeling MAGA-tastic.

The actual approval rating for Trump in that poll was 43 percent, with a disapproval rating of 52 percent. So where the fuck did that 55 percent number come from? Oh, that was the number of Americans who wouldn't piss down the president's throat if his black heart was on fire, AKA those who have an "unfavorable" opinion of him.


Here's Lou Dobbs, actually issuing a correction:

Lou Dobbs Eats Crow, Issues Correction For Inaccurate Claim About Trump's 'Soaring' Approvalwww.youtube.com

As you can see, he's not that sorry.

Of course, as you can see above, Trump's lie tweet is still up, because of course it is. If he had to delete one tweet full of lies, he'd have to delete all his tweets that were full of lies, and then he'd just look like Glenn Greenwald.

Either that or his Twitter would spontaneously disappear, and then who would the president have to talk to? Nobody, that's who.

Anyway, the point is that as usual everybody hates Donald Trump and everybody hates Lou Dobbs and Lou Dobbs has the hair of a gross Baptist child molester and we think that's the end of this post, so now it's time for your OPEN THREAD even though there is actually another breaking news post coming, but that is not the open thread THIS is the open thread, goodbye, fuck you, peace out.

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