Who Let The Gateway Pundit Comments Section Into Loudoun County, Virginia, School Board Meeting?

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Who Let The Gateway Pundit Comments Section Into Loudoun County, Virginia, School Board Meeting?

There was PANIC on the streets of Loudoun County, Virginia, Tuesday when a local school board meeting degenerated into a near brawl over critical race theory, which we repeat is not taught anywhere in US public schools. Honestly, liberals are just trying to keep drama and art programs alive.

People showed up with signs that read "We the parents stand up" and "Education not indoctrination." They chanted “Shame on you!" and flipped off school board members like mature custodial guardians. School officials ended public comments because parents were yelling over each other and mostly talking nonsense. Two people were arrested, and another was hurt. There wasn't even an open bar.

The traveling bigot circus also performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" like it was open mic night. The national anthem was written by Francis Scott Key, who profited from slave labor and considered Black Americans "a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community." Abolitionists derided Key during his own lifetime for his hypocrisy. History is just filled with woke landmines.

Here, enjoy some videos:

Republicans, with the help of Fox News, love to get people raving mad over made-up problems that don't actually affect them. Meanwhile, Democrats struggle to engage Americans over real, life-threatening issues, such as global pandemics or climate change. It's depressing as hell. Loudoun County school officials have already received death threats over this latest rightwing-manufactured Big Lie.

The Hill's reporting on the school board meeting is an example of how the media enables this lie:

At issue was the school district's curriculum relative to critical race theory, a hot-button issue that has sparked controversy in several districts around the country. The curriculum, which has been implemented in some districts, teaches American history with a broader context about the role slavery and systemic racism have played in society.

Critics say teaching history through a race-based lens is overly divisive and inappropriate for children.

The school district's curriculum doesn't include critical race theory, which is a "decades-old academic framework that explores how policies and the law fuel systemic racism." Republican politicians who attended Ivy League law schools were likely exposed to critical race theory and still think America's swell. No, what really pissed off conservatives was the school district's racial equity work, which has nothing to do with critical race theory. Regardless, angry white parents were convinced schools were teaching their dumb kids to “feel ashamed of being White, because their race means they have historically been part of an oppressive system."

Unlike chattel slavery in ancient Greece or Rome, it's almost impossible to discuss slavery in the US without bringing up race, no matter how awkward for everyone involved. Thomas Jefferson declared in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal," but he willingly enslaved Black people. Racism is the only logical explanation for how the self-proclaimed “land of the free" was simultaneously a slave state.

Schools taught slavery in a half-assed way when I was a kid, and no white student ever felt ashamed because they were white. Whenever the topic came up, a certain classmate would always ask the teacher, “If the South had won the Civil War, would there still be slavery?" and then she'd glare at me, as if annoyed I wasn't carrying her books or polishing her desk with my tongue. She only felt ashamed that she missed out on being Scarlett O'Hara.

The Loudoun County parents were also upset about transgender kids, who do actually exist in public schools, so that's something. The school district's proposed policy states that "staff shall allow gender expansive or transgender students to use their chosen name and gender pronouns that reflect their gender identity without any substantiating evidence." Last month, Leesburg Elementary teacher Tanner Cross announced that the policy violated his religious beliefs and he wouldn't use trans students' preferred pronouns. He claims it's because he loves his students too much to “lie" to them. I just think he's a monster who likes to dress up his cruelty in the false robes of faith. Cross was suspended but won a temporary injunction in June.

Democratic state Senator Jennifer Boysko has pointed out that the transgender policy is required by state law, but that won't appease the parents who want to make America 1955 again.

We can't dismiss the unhinged anger from these parents. It's eerily similar to the Tea Party rallies during the summer of 2009. A Big Lie led to violence just a few months ago, but Republicans don't care. They're happy to keep the culture wars brewing, no matter who gets hurt.

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