Gohmert: Obama In Libya So He Can Call Up Secret Health-Care-Law Troops


Hard to argue with that face.Most conservatives hate everything President Obama does. But they love war. Love it! They would go to war with half the world if they had a Republican president in office who would let them. So the cognitive dissonance has been pretty tough on this Libya thing. On the one hand, evil Kenyan! On the other hand, look at all those sexy bombs we're dropping on the brown people! But finally Rep. Louie Gohmert figured out why Obama seems to also like war a lot right now: he's secretly HURTING our military so he can create troops made entirely out of health care reform. Nooooo! That health care reform is poison! They're going to be poison troops! (But also THANK GOD. This means Republicans aren't REALLY opposing an actual war. Just health care for people who desperately need it.)

How do you know this conspiracy theory is fact? It's verified by a string of old white conservative e-mail chain letters. Hard to argue with that.

Please pray for the people of Libya. Instead of being burned alive by our weapons like they should, they could be GIVEN HEALTH CARE. Scary stuff. [Media Matters]


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