Louisiana Foster Kids Saved From Horror of Loving Homes

BATON ROUGE, LA - A local House Committee in Baton Rouge saved the last little pocket of American innocence on Tuesday. A proposal that would have allowed gay couples and straight unmarried couples and other ungodless folk (Wiccans?) to adopt children together in Louisiana has been defeated, with the House Civil Law and Procedure Committee voting9-2 against HB 1081.

Foster kids have it really good and the thought of subjecting them to a loving household without a marriage certificate is unthinkable. To make matters worse, passage of this bill would have forced some children to live in a house where parents have the same genitals! Who is the sicko responsible for trying to hurt these kids? It is Rep. Jared Brossett, known child hater and endorser of same-genital co-existence (Democrat).

Rep. Brossett’s voting record shows a history of shameless child hurting. He doesn’t seem to grasp the idea that foster children are living the dream, with fancy meals,"education," and the Pippi Longstocking-like freedom that comes without parental guidance. Rep. Brossett may have tried to kick the door down waving his rainbow flag but America was waiting on the other side with bible and flag ready to unravel the ties between child and ‘un-married gay love Satan’.

Those on the side of evil feel people should be encouraged to adopt children if they can offer loving homes and secure environments. Good people say unmarried couples are unstable and the bill could tie children to boyfriends or girlfriends who don’t stay in a relationship long-term. There is absolutely no other way to ensure stability in a household than standing before God and promising to not bump uglies with anyone else. And homosexual parental love? Children do not need to be gay by association.

Nice try, Rep. Brossett. You been JESUSED! [Edge New York]


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