Lovin,' Touchin,' Squeezin' ♥

Hugs, Not Drugs - WonketteWhat we learned from the Post about Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele and his campaign for the Senate:

* He has "an extraordinary handshake" that's "not too weak but not crushing, either."

* The eye contact! It makes people swoon!

* Of course you want him to kiss you, and by god, he'll do it -- and do it well.

* Need some hugs? Whether one-handed or double-barreled, Steele is a hugging machine. Those hands, that muscular chest ....

OK, now we will go take a shower.

A Political Natural, Railing Against Politics [Washington Post]

Crappy Journey song reference for our hard-core Polo Club pizza-mackin' negro-beating boat-shoe-wearin' homies


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