Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré Called Josh Hawley A 'Little Piece Of Sh*t,' And Josh 'N' Tucker Are MAAAAAAAD

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, who managed the crisis response in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina after everybody else in Bush 43's government fucked it up, was tapped by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi soon after the white supremacist terrorist attack on the Capitol to lead a security review for the Capitol. He is kind of a badass, and he says what he thinks.

Josh Hawley is a seditionist GOP senator from Missouri who looks like a rat who got caught masturbating, and who helped incite the white supremacist terrorist attack on the Capitol by pushing Donald Trump's Hitler-ian Big Lie that he won an election he lost in a landslide. Hawley will go down in history as the guy who raised his fist in the air in solidarity with the Capitol terrorists before they attacked, and that is the picture everybody will remember him by.

Tucker Carlson is some piece of white nationalist shit, we dunno. Also kinda looks like a rat who got caught masturbating.

And that is how you get the screengrab above, because apparently Lt. Gen. Honoré tweeted something superfuckingamazing about Josh Hawley that we completely missed at the time, about how Hawley is a "little piece of shit" who should be "run out of DC and disbarred," and Tucker had Hawley on his White Nationalist Power Hour last night so they could look like two rats who got caught masturbating BE MAD TOGETHER.

And that's how we got the screengrab above. When we wrote this piece last night, the tweet was up, but we guess all the attention from Tucker's online hordes caused him to go ahead and delete that one. Luckily, we have the text, to preseve Honoré's awesomeness:

@tribelaw @MaxSchnauzer2 This little peace of shit with his @Yale law degree should be run out of DC and Disbarred…

And he tagged Josh Hawley. And he also tagged Ted Cruz! Please show us the wrong thing he said. We'll wait. (Yes, we know he typed "peace" instead of "piece." He might have been voice-Twittering. It would be funny if he only deleted it so he can repost it later this afternoon making sure he calls Hawley — and Ted Cruz! — a PIECE of shit.)

Tucker's Hawley interview, of course, came at the end of an extended rant about Honoré. What has Honoré done wrong, according to Tucker? Well, as Tucker high-pitchedly explained, Honoré said on MSNBC on January 7 that there might have been some complicity in the attack among those who were tasked with defending the Capitol that day, which wouldn't be surprising, considering how many cops are Trump idiots. We sure did hear a lot of strange stories just after the attack of cops giving terrorists directions around the building and taking selfies with them, and investigations have reportedly been opened.

But Tucker says these are just conspiracy theories, or should we say he rhythmically shrieks it, with that soprano thing he does with his voice.

Tucker claims Honoré is an "authoritarian and an unhinged one." (Projection.) He is mad that Honoré retweeted something about how Parler was totally complicit in the January 6 terrorist attack. "This is like putting Joy Reid in charge of security, this is insane," Tucker yelped. Honoré also tweeted "Put Her Stupid A** on the No Fly List" at Speaker Pelosi, and he was talking about QAnon Congresslady Lauren Boebert's Stupid Ass.

Tucker YELP! is SHRIEK! very YOWL! offended SQUAWK! by BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK! that.

And Josh Hawley is super upset about it too, that mean thing Honoré said about him.

You may now enjoy the interview with Hawley, which starts at 5:15.

We would serve you some quotes from Josh Hawley about how mad he is at Honoré, but his quotes are mediocre and he is mediocre and his words are not worth repeating to anyone, ever.

Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré is an American fucking hero. If you're on the wrong side of him, that says a lot about you, and literally nothing about him. The end.

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