Luke Russert Kills U.S. Congressman

Luke Russert jumped the gun a short while ago,incorrectly announcing on Twitter that Rep. Bill Young had died. In reality, Rep. Young is hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The Tampa Bay Times reports a family spokesperson announced

U.S. Rep. C. W. Bill Young's condition turned for the worse over night and he is gravely ill. His doctors say his prognosis is guarded.

This is actually the second time that Young's "death" has been prematurely reported; in 2011, he phoned Capitol police to advise them that an anonymous caller had told Florida police that Young had died. Young is the longest-serving Republican in Congress, and was first elected in 1971.

We wish Rep. Young and his family well; it certainly can't help that they have to correct rumors at a time like this.

It took Luke Russert 41 minutes to correct his twitter account, after falsely reporting Rep. Young's death.

Luke Russert's career, unfortunately, is likely to recover.

[Twitter / Palm Beach Times]

Doktor Zoom

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