Luskin Sez Fitzgerald Sez Rove's Off the Hook

Dammit! Our use of that picture isn't ironic anymore!

Karl Rove, according to his lawyer, will not be indicted. We were skeptical of Rove indictment rumors way before it was cool, so we feel slightly vindicated, but also fucking depressed that there won't be a big Rove show trial to entertain us next winter. We'll have to make do with Scooter. Also, our skepticism wasn't skeptical enough, as we predicted an indictment a couple dozen times, but so did everyone else in this town. Seriously, with the possible exception of Robert Luskin, everyone was predicting an eventual indictment, followed by aforementioned show trial, then acquittals and pardons all around.

It's a sad, sad day for indictment fans everywhere tonight. But Rove has shown precisely how much you're allowed to lie to a grand jury and get away with it, a boon to future Atwaterian fixers.

Though, hell, maybe Luskin's just lying. Keep hope alive, everyone!

Leak Counsel Won't Charge Rove, Lawyer Announces [NYT]


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