Lying Warmonger Judith Miller Blasts Assange For Not Verifying Info

Lying Warmonger Judith Miller Blasts Assange For Not Verifying Info

DisgracedNewsmax "reporter" (government neo-con lie re-spewer) Judith Miller is also on Fox News, it turns out, because they hire commentators based on how many war crimes they're responsible for. (Even though nobody on Fox & Friends can understand what Genghis Khan is saying.) According to Miller, who yes, blindly spread the lies given her by warmongers in the government in order to explode the Middle East, Julian Assange is a bad journalist "because he didn't care at all about attempting to verify the information that he was putting out or determine whether or not it would hurt anyone." Thank God we have this paragon of journalistic ethics to help us judge Julian Assange.

The authenticity of these cables has never really been questioned by the government. And the bulk of very important ones has been released through reputable news organizations like the Judy Miller-less New York Times, which is now reputable because they don't have Judy Miller. And actually, WikiLeaks asked the government to tell them which of these cables were damaging and such, but the government refused to do so. And nobody's suggesting -- though it may have leaked some documents that imperiled certain important liberal efforts in the world and Western security in some cases -- that this has killed brown people at anywhere near the scale as Miller's lies have. But even if so, it has been for a fairly noble cause in the grand scheme, rather than in the interests of, say, giving defense contractors lots of money to make brown-people-killing machines.

But why bother refuting this? We should just know that whatever comes out of this woman's mouth is a lie.

Let's let Miller get back to her important Newsmax reporting on the Middle East and Iran's stockpiles of THIS ONE OLD SECRET DISCOVERED BY A LOCAL MOM TO LOSING THAT BELLY.

Julian Assange has left more journalist in his broken condoms than Judith Miller has in her entire body. [Crooks and Liars]


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