Real Wonder Woman Flings Lasso Of Truth At Homophobic A-Hole, Shakes It Around Buncha Times

Pretty much all superheroes are gay icons in some way or another. Is everybody clear on that? It's kind of embedded in that whole "I have a superpower" slash "nobody knows my true identity" thing. Also, dudes in codpieces. Very many codpieces. And nipply costumes. Very many nipply costumes!

And since the various superhero universes are vastly populated with so many origin stories and storylines, a lot of them just get gay at some point or another, or at least gay-adjacent. Batman and Robin? Batman and a whole lot of other people? As writer Grant Morrison once said, "gayness is built into Batman."

John Cena's "Peacemaker"? Fuuuuuuuuckingnot straight.

It's just one of those things. There's not really a place for fundamentalist homophobic Christians in the superhero universe, except maybe as villains. They can watch and read if they want, but they definitely don't dictate the terms. This is why fundamentalists have their own fake stupid Christian superheroes like "Captain Salvation" and "Bibleman," who probably isn't even made out of real Bibles.

Which brings us to Wonder Woman, the real live Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, a gay icon if there ever was one, literally one of the gayest superhero icons of them all, who had this to say in honor of Pride month:

And can you believe some piece of filthargued with her?

"Wonder Woman IS NOT A SUPER HERO FOR GAYS!" said the current laughingstock of the internet.

So Carter responded that yuh huh, she's a superhero for bisexuals and linked to an article about it.

And also:

And she just kept clapping back all day yesterday, and she's still going today.

In this one, she's striking a pose she says she calls the "ready to fight your homophobic relatives" pose. She adds, "Just kidding." She then adds, "(Or am I?)", because of how she's probably not kidding, because she's fuckin' Wonder Woman and she will fuck a fuckin' homophobe the fuck up.

So that's what happened there.

The original person kind of also kept going, bless their whole entire heart:

And now today, after what we imagine has been quite the onslaught, that person is apologizing profusely but also saying she is "strong in her beliefs as a Christian," which is code for still homophobic, but also says she used to dream Wonder Woman was her mom and oh boy, what a bad 24 hours on the internet this has been!

Like they always say, never meet your heroes, because you might start vomiting your weird fundamentalist Christian bigotry at them and they might slap the shit out of you on Twitter!

Our point is that you shouldn't go bother that random ass who started all this with Lynda Carter, because it is not worth your time. Our other point is that Lynda Carter AKA the Real Wonder Woman is fucking cool.


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