russertmc02.jpgWeep to this tragic tale of an impolite journo-celebrity. A young man with a "terrifically hot girlfriend" is snubbed -- snubbed! -- by regular-guy and noted father-lover Tim "Little Russ" Russert. The gentlemen greeted the Ultimate Insider with a hearty "good evening, sir!" Did Tim return the salutation? "No, you just kept walking to your Lexus SUV."

We happen to know that the only way for a peon to get a response from Little Big Russ is with a fist and the words "go Bills," but we wouldn't want anyone to have to lower themselves to that kind of pandering behavior. Have a little dignity, Washington. The full ad is reprinted for your amusement after the jump.


YOU Tim Russert ...ME Dude you walked by outside of Blockbuster - 52 [craigslist]


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