'Macho Jesus'-Loving Trump Prophet Kicked Out Of Own Church For 'Unbiblical Behavior'


On Wednesday, Jeff Jansen — one of the many 'Trump Prophets' predicting that Trump will be President again any minute now — posted a video to Facebook in which he doubled down on his prophecy that Biden would be removed from office by April (don't check your calendars because yes, it is May).

The last time we encountered Jeff Jansen, he was talking about how he believed in a Big Tough Macho Jesus who went around whipping people on the regular.

Alas, it seems like his prediction on who would be getting kicked out of office was a little off — because on Friday, his church, Global Fire Ministries International sent out an email announcing that Jansen himself would be stepping down himself, due to "unbiblical behavior," and "bad moral choices and coping mechanisms." Taking over the ministry is his wife, Jan Jansen, who almost definitely wrote the email herself.

Well, at least the part that read "[r]ather than submit to the process of healing and restoration, Jeff recently made an intentional decision to leave his wife and family to pursue his own desires. He remains unrepentant and unremorseful"

It is with deep sorrow that Jeff Jansen has been asked, by his board, to step down as Co-Senior Leader of Global Fire Church, and from Global Fire Ministries due to unscriptural and unbiblical behavior. He was asked to step down In April, and this was made public to the church body on May 2. 2021. A statement was released to partners and friends on May 5.

Due to a pattern of making poor moral choices, and bad coping mechanisms, character flaws became obvious which disqualified Jeff from New Testament leadership. His lifestyle in the home. traveling on the road, and in the House of God, has fallen below Biblical standards laid out for those in leadership. He has been confronted concerning these flaws numerous times over a period of time.

Rather than submit to the process of healing and restoration, Jeff recently made an intentional decision to leave his wife and family to pursue his own desires. He remains unrepentant and unremorseful.

Any pursuit of further ministry on Jeff’s behalf is not under the umbrella and blessing of Global Fire Ministries. Global Fire Church will continue to thrive! Our church was built on the importance of family and that will remain.

One would think that someone who regularly chats with God about the ins and outs of US politics would have gotten some kind of heads up that his own behavior was about to get him kicked out of his church, but apparently that never came up.

Jan Jensen also wrote another email further explaining her husband's behavior.

Via Newsweek:

"Unfortunately, Jeff struggled for many years dealing with the stress and warfare of his travels. Being a high-level, recognized minister, this led to poor choices in coping mechanisms. I don't believe he was strong enough to withstand what was coming at him because of his very public stand for President Trump and against the dark side. When you take a stand like that, you must have no cracks in your armor. Jeff never really humbled himself enough to get healing for his soul and seal the cracks," she wrote.

Jan Jansen reiterated that her husband had chosen to leave her and his children to "pursue his own desires." She wrote that it "grieves me and breaks my heart to have to announce this, and I just pray to healing over you as I say it." She asked supporters to "pray" for her husband and said that he "will wake up and seek full restoration."

Sure, Jan. Your husband was so distraught over left-wing blogs making fun of him and his love of Macho Jesus and Donald Trump that he was driven to leave you and do a bunch of "unbiblical behavior." We are entirely to blame here. Surely, if no one had pointed out that Donald Trump had not been elected president again as he predicted, he would have remained completely holy. It's hardly as if other well-known socially conservative preachers have ever done anything like this before. Except for literally every single one we have ever heard of — including Ernest Angley, the homophobic evangelical preacher known to sexually harass his male subordinates, who died on Friday at the age of 99.

Of course, if we could get a Jimmy Swaggart-style sobbing video, that would be super great, thanks.

[Friendly Atheist | Newsweek]

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