Mad NYC Councilman to Put Pigeons on Birth Control

get the fuck out of my brain, evil thoughtsRemember that crazed dipshit of a New York City Councilman, James Oddo? You know, the one who kept telling a Norwegian comedian to get the fuck out of his office after she made a few jokes. Well Oddo never told us that he was quite the jokester himself! Try this kneeslapper: He wants to put pigeons on birth control!

Oddo, the Republican Minority Leader on the NYC Council, has proposed mixing OvoControl-P, "a drug that renders pigeon eggs unhatchable," into the soil around the Staten Island ferry terminals, where the aggressive rat-birds are known to shit all sorts of chaos.

"Renders pigeon eggs unhatchable"... so like... they can't get out of the egg? Forever? Is this the type of abortion Republicans support? Sounds very anti-Jesusy to us.

Councilman wants Pigeons on Birth Control [AP]

Photo from Juniper Park Civic Association


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