Madison Cawthorn Just Begging All The Mommies To Raise Up Some MONSTER BOYS

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Madison Cawthorn Just Begging All The Mommies To Raise Up Some MONSTER BOYS

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn has been on a weird one the past few days.

We've gotta say, everything changed for us the second we realized this guy's voice sounds identical to Ben Shapiro's.

Anyway, here is Cawthorn at some event or another, whining to the crowd that our culture is trying to "demasculate" all the men, and begging parents of young boys to please raise MONSTERS. Is there a more deranged way to say whatever Cawthorn was trying to say? We can't think of one.

Does he talk about testosterone levels? He sure does. Is he specifically asking moms to raise monsters, because he says moms are the most "vicious" in their movement? Yeah that's part of what he says.

Close your eyes, because again, he sounds just like Ben Shapiro. And he wants all the mommies to raise some MONSTER BOYS.

Cawthorn's spokesman explained what the congressman was trying to say here:

In a statement to Newsweek, Luke Ball, a spokesperson for Cawthorn, said, "In the context of his speech Congressman Cawthorn was urging parents to raise their sons as strong, godly, men who are warriors for truth and morality. Monsters and lions, not wimps and sheep."

Yeah, it was a Biblical Man thing, like separating the wheat from the chaff, the lion monsters from the sheep wimps.

So that made it more normal.

Speaking of MONSTER BOYS, here is Cawthorn at another event saying that when the GOP takes back the majority, he, Madison Cawthorn, will personally make sure Dr. Anthony Fauci faces criminal charges. For what? Because America's best and brightest wingnuts like Cawthorn believe Fauci lied to Rand Paul. They are mistaken.

After that, he says that when he and his buddies get the majority back, he is going to "seize every single Chinese asset in America as a down payment for the reparations they owe us for what they've done to our country." That's right, Mister Wonder Monster wants reparations from China, and to do achieve that, he would like to bone global financial markets. He adds that he thinks everybody should wear shirts that say "We The People are PISSED OFF."

And after all these comments, absolute morons cheer and cheer, because Republican voters aren't the freshest Golden Grahams in the box, and therefore have no idea why any of this sounds weird to all the rest of us.

[h/t JoeMyGod]

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