Human Participation Trophy Madison Cawthorn Calls Zelenskyy A 'Thug.' That's It, That's The Headline.

We started our day with grown adult GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn going beep beep in his big boy Jeep without a valid driver's license. Let's end with him being even more stupid and pathetic.

Watch this little low-rent Hitler youth talking to his supporters and calling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a man who is a fucking hero by anyone's measure, a "thug," and saying the Ukrainian government is "incredibly evil and has been pushing woke ideologies."

Oh yes he did.

This was this past weekend. WRAL in North Carolina obtained the video, and says about an hour after they posted this, Cawthorn seemed like he was trying to walk it back, saying on Twitter that Putin is bad mmkay. Read his tweet if you even give a fuck.

As WRAL notes, though, Cawthorn also seems to be very mad that there is propaganda in this war coming from the Ukrainian side too. What? Propaganda? On both sides? In a war?

Babydoll needs to grow the fuck up.

But speaking of propaganda, Cawthorn seems to have found this "let's call Zelenskyy a thug" message somewhere between Vladimir Putin's balls and his asscheeks, because wherever that opinion came from, T'AINT AMERICAN.

As Talking Points Memo notes, Putin recently referred to the Ukrainian government as a "band of drug addicts and neo-Nazis who have holed up in Kyiv and taken the entire Ukrainian people hostage.” Cawthorn's is no different from Putin's propaganda.

We are not even going to spend time laughing at this dipshit talking about Zelenskyy pushing "woke ideologies." It's just like, OK, baby boy, we get it, you know how to say the words One America News or whoever tells you to say. This is the same Knowledge Bowl champion who yelled last week on the House floor about how "woke generals" don't have the right to declare wars.

Say your political beliefs, Madison!


Good job, Madison! Sure thing, buddy! Everybody clap for Madison!

As political consultant Fred Wellman notes on Twitter, this dumbass Aryan human participation trophy lied about getting into the Naval Academy and considered it a bucket list item to go to Hitler's summer palace. And now this is coming out just a day after news of golden boy's driving escapades?

We really need to stop encouraging young white blond conservative men to think they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them. It's just a disaster.


Also he can go fuck himself.



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