Madison Club Celebrates Black History Month by Accepting a Colored Person

The Madison Club with their newest member - WonketteRemember the Madison Club? They're an exclusive all-girl "social club" made up of blonde sorority chicks. They've seen better days, membership-wise. Last we heard, they were trying to spice up their recruitment drives by adding a couple more brunettes. We never, ever thought they'd take it this far:

Don't call them homogenous: The Madison Club has accepted its first African-American member.

Naturally, we went straight to exclusive online social club Late Night Shots for comment. And they did not disappoint.

RE: Madison Takes First Black Member!
Posted By: Adrian Fenty on 02-06-2007 10:49 am Report as shockingly offensive

My black member is often referred to as "little mutumbo" or "the mayor"

Madison Club representatives report that their personal black is very clean and articulate.

Meet the Madisons [Examiner]


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