Madonna Urges You To Lick Cheney's Bald Head

When it comes to musicians, President Bush just can't get any love. He gets pseudo-snubbed by Jessica Simpson. Then Neil Young records a song entitled "Impeach the President." And now, Madonna weighs in:

madonna%20at%20coachella%20valley%20concert.jpgMadonna radically altered her music to attack US President George W Bush during her appearance at California music festival Coachella, yesterday.

The Hung Up singer thrilled fans with a six-song set in the Sahara Dance Tent, and took a cheeky swipe at the US leader by changing her song lyrics.

During an energetic rendition of her song I Love New York, Madonna roared, "Just go to Texas and suck George Bush's dick."

Looks like Madonna's trying to get President Bush impeached too. All she needs now is a willing intern.

(Unfortunately, the world's leading authority on presidential fellatio is busy with grad school, over at the London School of Economics.)

Madonna Attacks Bush at Festival [WENN]


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