MAGA Idiots Want To Do Intervention To Save Trump From Vaccine Madness

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MAGA Idiots Want To Do Intervention To Save Trump From Vaccine Madness

Donald Trump shocked the MAGA community last week when he told Black white supremacist Candace Owens that vaccines are “very good” like he was a common Anthony Fauci. Owens just assumed he was too old to be up on the latest unfounded conspiracy theories around vaccines. QAnoners believed he was speaking in code because everything needs a Little Orphan Annie decoder pin in their world. But devoted Trump disciple Wayne Allyn Root thinks the big guy needs an “intervention” because he’s presumably high on vax.

During an appearance on Alex Jones' Conspiracy Theory Theatre, Root described Trump as “one of the most respected men in the world, more than [President Joe] Biden or the Pope.” Root sounds like the one who needs an intervention. He claimed Trump is the greatest president of his lifetime, and Jones said he thought Trump was the "greatest president since George Washington before he [supported vaccines.]” If Jones ever read a history book, he might know that Washington ordered his troops to receive the smallpox vaccine to prevent the spread of the disease. Yes, vaccine mandates helped win (white) America’s independence.

ROOT: I love the guy. I just got married last month. He sent a letter to be read at the wedding. I’m going on my honeymoon to Mar-a-Lago ... in the suite right next to President and Mrs. Trump.

Yeah, that’s pathetic.

So, because Root is such a close friend, he feels he’s in the best position to tell Trump that he’s gone off the deep end with his recent embrace of 18th-century medicine. He said Trump’s "been right on everything except this issue,” which is obviously untrue because Donald Trump Jr. exists.

ROOT: He’s so horribly wrong on this issue, and the best way to put it, ironically, is that he’s dead wrong, because people are dying

No one is dying from the vaccine. At least 205 million Americans are fully vaccinated. That’s 61.8 percent of the population. We would've noticed the mass deaths, but maybe Root thinks that’s why we have all these supply chain issues. Yes, people have died after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, but while decreased immortality is a possible side effect, there’s no evidence that the vaccine has literally killed a significant number of people. Meanwhile, the very real COVID-19 virus and its spinoff variants have killed as of today 819,200 people in the US. This is not very complicated math that Root should consider while he and his new bride are banging next door to the Trumps.

ROOT: When everyone I know dies, you are getting the blame, President Trump!

He’s not the president anymore, but you’re welcome to blame Trump for the COVID-19 deaths that occurred on his watch and as a direct result of his almost criminal negligence.

Root shared the horrifying story of “super fit" 58-year-old Hollywood director Jean-Marc Vallée, who "dropped dead" of a heart attack on Christmas Day. This sort of thing never happens to 58-year-old men. Vallée was vaccinated, so Root, who is a critical thinker, blames the vaccine. Vallée also died in Quebec City, Canada, so maybe poutine is responsible. From all accounts, Vallée was a decent guy who doesn’t deserve to become fodder for anti-vax conspiracy theories that actually do kill people.

This hack also rattled off some other prominent vaccinated people who’ve died from cardiac arrest.

ROOT: What have I said for a year now? The vaccine causes heart attacks.

That’s a damn lie. Heart disease kills about 659,000 Americans each year. If the vaccine caused heart attacks, you’d expect to see a significant increase in this year’s heart disease-related deaths, but we won’t. Root is full of shit, and he’s beyond help from any intervention.

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