Magic 'Improved' Schools Just Happen To Have a Lot of Eraser Marks On Their Tests


How do you get out of hot water with Michelle Rhee and ply a bunch of Well-Meaning Treasure from her bonus heap?

A USA TODAY investigation, based on documents and data secured under D.C.'s Freedom of Information Act, found that for the past three school years most of Noyes' classrooms had extraordinarily high numbers of erasures on standardized tests. The consistent pattern was that wrong answers were erased and changed to right ones.

This is a series of documents obtained by USA TODAY through public-records requests. It details a back-and-forth between two District of Columbia agencies on test-score investigations.

Noyes is one of 103 public schools here that have had erasure rates that surpassed D.C. averages at least once since 2008. That's more than half of D.C. schools.

Wow, these schools are doing a really good job teaching their "kids" how to use an eraser! Thanks, Michelle!

It was about time we brought into our schools what makes the private sector work so well. Cheating is Fundamentalâ„¢ [USA Today]


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