Magical Budget Cutting Commission Falls In Vote

Magical Budget Cutting Commission Falls In Vote

The creation of Judd Gregg and Kent Conrad'sMagical Budget Cutting Commission From Space, members of which would decide what gets cut from the budget and then tell Congress "pass this thing to save $$$," has failed on the Senate floor, 53-46, this being one of those things needing 60 votes. It became a problem when Barack Obama endorsed it and Republicans had to find a way to (a) make sure it didn't pass ever and (b) blame Obama for not passing it from his legislative chair in the executive branch.

The Senate on Tuesday rejected a plan to create a bipartisan commission to tackle the nation's budget problems this year, leaving it up to President Obama to create such a panel by executive order.

Sucker, always getting stuck with the hot potato. You know what they call presidents who issue executive orders? Maoists. It's true! Nick Gillespie taught us all about it in Glenn Beck's Mao/Che documentary last week.

Your fate, America, right here:

But the measure won just 53 votes in the Senate, not enough to overcome a threatened filibuster. In rejecting the idea, Republicans opposed to tax increases joined Democrats fearful of being forced to cut social programs.

Worst of all: Evan Bayh. Evan fucking Bayh. MISTER SERIOUS DEFICIT CUTTER over here. ALWAYS BITCHING about money, never supporting anything that would reduce debt. This is Evan Bayh:

One of the protesters, Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), said he remained undecided Tuesday on the question of raising the debt limit, though he spoke favorably of creating a commission by executive order.

"I'm thinking the government should default on its debt, but I am in favor of letting Obama try and fail to fix this on his own, without me taking a single hard vote about anything I supposedly support."

This is why Evan Bayh should have been president.

Senate rejects Obama plan [WP]


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