Magnificently Awkward Living Arrangements Took Key Role In Edwards Sex Cover-Up


One of the weirder angles on the John Edwards Sex Scandal is the part where the guy who says he's Rielle Hunter's baby daddy, Andrew Young, has to live in the same weird compound (OK FINE A "GATED COMMUNITY") in North Carolina as Rielle Hunter, and then they all have to move to California, together, with their families, including Mrs. Young and their three children, because they are all in a terrible sex-induced Witness Protection Program.

"When Ms. Hunter, her baby and the Youngs moved to California around the end of last year, they all initially lived in the same residence, according to an associate of Mr. Young and Mr. Edwards.

But the arrangement strained relationships, and Ms. Hunter moved into a different residence, which cost about $6,000 a month in rent."

If there were truly a God this would already be a sitcom in production, starring Dylan McDermott as the frazzled faux-adulterer trying to keep the peace between his old boss's pregnant floozy (Christina Applegate) and his own comically resentful, wisecracking wife (Allison Janney). And then God would bury the production studio in hot lava.

Lawyers’ Ties Hint at Extent of Hiding Edwards’s Affair [New York Times]


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