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Class War
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Well, this is a lot to digest! New York Times got that son of a bitch's taxes. And you're going to be MAD. (NYT)

My, that was an hour WELL-SPENT. See you soon!

There's been a whistleblower on "political interference in Trump's IRS audit" since early 2019, just as a reminderer. (Old tab, HuffPost)

You know who else didn't pay any taxes for a decade? Jared Kushner, surprise! (Old tab, NYT)

Maybe we should enforce the tax laws we still have? — Old tab, American Progress

And why didn't the House already have them? Ask Richard Neal. (Old tab, Prospect)

How the IRS was gutted. — Old tab, ProPublica

The nation's poorest region, the Mississippi Delta, is the most audited. — Old tab, Mississippi Today

Fuckin' tell em Frank.

So after that ... anyone care that The Right Has A Massive Advantage On Facebook? — Politico

They're calling Trump Supreme Court nom Amy Coney Barrett "The Notorious ACB" and Dahlia Lithwick for one is piiiiiissed. — Slate

And then Donald Trump walked into the RV. Part 4 of E. Jean Carroll's series I Moved On Her Like A Bitch. (The Atlantic)

Brad Parscale got Baker Acted for threatening to harm himself while armed. No shitty comments, please, but maybe this country shouldn't have such a hardon for guns. — South Florida Sun Sentinel

Give Texas's Rideshare2Vote some love. (Rideshare2Vote)

The LA Times is sorry for its long long history of racism. — LA Times

Joe Lieberman's son Matt Lieberman is a jerk who gave this Slate writer a C+ in English, and is also a jerk who is spoiling (one of) the Georgia Senate race(s). — Slate

This is a well-written interview with Nancy Pelosi. I don't agree with her on everything lately! (Elle)

Republicans think it would be swell if we returned to "high risk pools" rather than ban insurers from charging more for pre-existing conditions — you know, that thing Trump keeps saying he already did. (Obamacare did, and he's trying to sink Obamacare.) High risk pools are urgh blargh yuck. (KHN)

Researchers say you can't steal Obama's time machine to go back and kill Hitler. (NPR)

They SAVED SOME GAY WHALES! (Not gay whales, to my knowledge.) — Guardian

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