Maine Gov. Paul LePage Wishes Indians Would Talk Gooder Like

Full of heady goodness!

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has never missed a meal, but that hasn't kept him from opening his flabby ol' lip yappers to bitch that minimum wage folk are living too high on the hog. This weekend at the Maine GOP convention, he addressed ... well, nobody can quite tell from this short video. It has something to do with how Maine shouldn't raise the minimum wage to $12 because ... then everybody will hire Indians to work in their restaurants? And you can't understand Indians when you tip them at Amazon call centers? This whole "no telepromptarz" look has been a bad one for the GOP, as they all end up sounding like Sarah Palin on trucker pills. (Just kidding, Sarah Palin already sounds like Sarah Palin on trucker pills.)

Here, let us watch in awe, together:

OUR POINT IS, Maine Gov. Paul LePage should not be talking shit about other people being incomprehensible, cause he's at least a sixpack rock bag of hammer toolshed knives shy of his ESL certificate.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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