Majority Of Americans Supports Trump Building Wall UP HIS ASS

The people have spoken! To pollsters! And, in a series of results that are surprising to absolutely no one except for the bumbling moron good brain stable genius who moved into the White House without the majority of America's permission and refuses to leave, nobody gives a good solid fuck about Donald Trump's obsession with building a wall on the Mexican border, and everybody knows the shutdown is his goddamn fault.

First, there's a Washington Post/ABC poll what says that though a few more Americans support WALL than there used to be (42 percent), there's still a clear majority that does not support WALL (54 percent). And when you get to the nitty gritty of people who strongly support WALL, as opposed to Americans who are just like "Oh I dunno, I guess WALL might be nice, Carol, should we get WALL?" then it's actually only 29 percent of Americans who REALLY want the fucking monstrosity. And who do they blame for the shutdown? According to 53 percent of Americans, that would be Trump and the Republicans. Only 29 percent say it's the Dems' fault, because Trump's base is dumb as shit.

Oh, and what about NATIONAL EMERGY? Should Trump pull a NATIONAL EMERGY out of his butt so he can get WALL? That, again, is supported only by Trump's most pigfucker-ish base, or 31 percent of Americans.

But hey, maybe that WaPo/ABC poll is a big liberal agenda haver, let's see what the CBS/YouGov poll from Friday says! WOMP WOMP, it says 55 percent of Americans disapprove of how Trump has been handling this shutdown, with only 35 percent saying Trump has been doing the shutdown really bigly. Disapproval rating for NATIONAL EMERGY in that poll is at a full 67 percent. It's almost as if most sentient Americans don't actually like authoritarian presidents having temper tantrums and threatening to burn the motherfucker down if they don't get their way.

But maybe that CBS/YouGov poll is the Deep State, let's see what this new CNN poll says, LOL LIKE FAKE NEWS CNN EVEN KNOWS. (It's bad as fuck. 56 percent oppose WALL, 39 percent support, so similar to WaPo/ABC, but worse. Only 45 percent think there is a "crisis" at the border, most blame Trump for the shutdown, etc. Oh, and Trump's overall approval rating is 37 percent, with 57 percent hating his fuckin' orange ass.)

Trump is reportedly very confused that nobody is impressed that he's been staying at the White House during the shutdown, as if that is not his house or something. Congratulations, Mister President, you're in your bathrobe eating Big Macs by the dozen and taking breaks to sit on the potty and tweet! Hooray, the Emperor Has No Pants On!

The point of this post, as with all posts about Trump's polling numbers, is that the president of the United States is a fucking loser.

Also probably a Russian agent. So there's that.

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