billmoyers.jpgIt's always edifying when an organization lives up to its stereotype. Wouldn't it be silly if The Nation endorsed Bill Moyers for president? Yeah, it would.

Moyers would enter the 2008 race with far more practical political experience than Dwight Eisenhower had in 1952, far more national name recognition than Jimmy Carter had in 1976 and far more to offer the country than most of our recent chief executives.

Against the candidates who are lining up for the 2008 contest, Bill Moyers and his supporters would not need to make any excuses.

Forget for a moment that, when 2008 rolls around, Moyers will be 74 years young. Read that comparison between Eisenhower and Moyers again. Sure, Ike defeated the Nazis. But Moyers hosted the shit out of Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth.

Bill Moyers for President? Absolutely! [The Nation]

-- David Weigel


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