Make Your Voice Ignored

Want to make your impotent outrage at the Scooter commuting known at the middlingest levels of power? Good news: a blog has posted the White House internal telephone directory, so you can call and bitch out some poor 20-something White House staffer!

Go ahead, call the first lady for some reason: (202) 456-7064. Or hey, bug the Office of National AIDS Policy: (202) 456-7320. We're sure they'll graciously listen to your stuttering, stumbling repetition of some Kos talking points, or your expletive-laden tirade on the Trilateral Commission, liberally sprinkled with your cutesy nickname for the Vice President.

And once they hang up and place your number on an NSA watchlist, you can be confident that you've exercised your Constitutional right to be a frothing, powerless schmuck, waving your limp sabre at the fortresses of power. Happy Independence Day!

Can you tell me if what I've got is the real White House phonebook, in case the switchboard's down when I call about Scooter? [Corrente]


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