Maliki To Be Tragically Killed By 'Insurgents' Next Week

Speaking of Cheney, unloved Iraq puppet leader Nuri al-Maliki is expected to be "assassinated by Al Qaeda" in the very near future after saying he doesn't want Washington starting a war with Iran in Iraq. This comes after the startling (bullshit) revelation that the outrageous attack on a U.S. base in Iraq last week that was originally completely covered up by the U.S. military has suddenly become an obvious Iranian action as the attackers were blond, spoke English, wore U.S. military uniforms and drove U.S. military vehicles.

Because Americans are simple, nobody says, "Uhm, that makes absolutely zero sense and Cheney's just grabbing for any make-believe excuse to start bombing Iran from those 50 carrier groups sitting in the Persian Gulf." Instead, CNN muppet Kyra Phillips spends all morning asking dough-faced analysts to repeat the ridiculous story enough times to hypnotize the poor people watching daytime teevee.

Attention AP graphics wizards: Please get a few of those Nuri al-Maliki, 1950-2007 things ready to go. Or just use our version!

Al-Maliki: Iraq won't be battleground for U.S., Iran [CNN]


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