Man Bites Dog: Republicans Won't Endorse Proud Boy Running For School Board, Sad!
Jeffery Perrine tosses cheerful White Power 'OK' after Sacramento GOP voted to expel him, 2021. Video screenshot, Sacramento Bee, video provided by Perrine

Poor Jeffrey Perrine just can't seem to catch a break. Perrine, a member of the far-Right domestic terrorist group the Proud Boys, got stomped in his attempt to run for the California state Assembly, coming in fourth out of five candidates in June's nonpartisan primary with a pathetic 6,026 votes (the top two contenders got 55,682 and 37,097 respectively). Last year, he got voted off the Sacramento County Republican Party’s central committee after the Sacramento Bee documented his Proud Boyism, which you might think would be something county party organizations might screen for using high tech tools like Google.

But Perrine's disappointing performance in the primary didn't dissuade him from setting his sights on lower office. Now he's running for a seat on the San Juan Unified School District Board of Education in a challenge to incumbent Board member Michael McKibben, who's seeking another term. America's far-Right crazies are all out to take over school and library boards these days, so Perrine, who frequently shows up at school board meetings to scream about masks and tyranny and Liberty 'n' Shit, may have found his niche.

Sadly, because of that bad blood between him and the county Republicans, he'll have to run without the GOP's endorsement, the poor oppressed thing.

Now, for what it's worth (two farts and a stale stick of gum from Dwight Gooden's 1982 rookie season Topps card, card not included), Perrine at least does have a connection to the school district, which is more than can be said of some of the sweaty extremists seeking to destroy public schools. He graduated from the San Juan district and his two children attend elementary schools in the district. That doesn't exactly make him a compelling candidate, though, what with the whole rightwing hate group thing.

The Sacramento Beereports that Perrine's platform "centers on hot-button conservative issues like critical race theory, preventing displays meant to support gay students and serving students who don’t speak English." He also says his central goal as a board member would be to "fight cultural Marxism," so thank heavens he got at least one antisemitic catchphrase in there.

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Here is Perrine, managing to not say explicitly extremist things for a moment, mostly because he remembered to stick to dogwhistles:

“We need for someone to not allow the craziness; it’s disgusting,” he said. “There are a lot of parents who are completely against where we have gone. It doesn’t matter where they are on the (political) spectrum. It’s to go to school, to learn be good human beings.”

Mind you, if schools try to teach how to be good human beings, it gets labeled "Social Emotional Learning" and called Marxist Critical Race Theory Indoctrination, which is BAD. In rightwing land, you only learn to be a good person by being reminded America is not a democracy, it's a REPUBLIC. Also, something about the gold standard, while "craziness" here means actual history and public acknowledgement that LGBTQ people exist and have rights.

Perrine has in the past been quite open about his extremism; in 2018, he spoke at a far-Right rally in Portland held by the Proud Boys and Oregon hate group Patriot Prayer — or rather, he yelled through a megaphone about how the USA should straight up murder undocumented migrants, and also take away their children.

All the illegals trying to jump over our border, we should be smashing their heads into the concrete. Handlin' business, separatin' 'em from their kids, makin' sure they're not with pedophiles and child molesters, people like the Left.

He seems vile enough. Perrine didn't specify whether the children should be killed as well, thank heaven for small mercies.

Betsy Mahan, who chairs the Sacramento County Republican Party, said the party is likely to endorse another candidate, Tanya Kravchuk, for the school board seat this week.

“For good reason we have not invited Mr. Perrine,” Mahan said. “We had a history with him that has not been a positive one. He has a history of interacting with school boards in an aggressive way that has not been productive. We are just very pleased to have a candidate who can represent teachers and parents who want to put kids first.”

Perrine insisted to the Bee that he really has distanced himself from some of the Proud Boys' national positions, although we'll note the article doesn't specify what those might be. Maybe he doesn't think it's necessary to beat up reporters?

Or perhaps he'd be OK for new members to pledge their fealty to "western civilization" by stating they "refuse to apologize for creating the modern world," but would be willing to drop the part where initiates are beaten up by established members while trying to recite five names of breakfast cereal brands.

Perrine explained that he is really committed to reform, or at least to creating the impression of reform, telling the Bee, "I am a Proud Boy. [...] In the last two years, I have tried to change the perception of the group I am in.” See? Totally new outlook on everything!

For some reason, at least one current board member seems a tad skeptical:

“Mr. Perrine has the right to run and the voters in area five will elect the candidate best suited to represent their community,” San Juan Unified Trustee Zima Creason said. ”However, as a mom and the only SJUSD school board member with a child attending a district school, I don’t want this individual anywhere near my child or district policy.”

How's that for mean? She doesn't even seem to thing the board would benefit from Perrine's being a second parent with kids in the district, just because he happens to belong to a paramilitary hate group.

In any case, welcome to the campaign, Mr. Perrine, and we hope local media do their job and point out at every opportunity that you're a member of the Proud Boys and, by that standard, a racist piece of shit.

[Sacramento Bee]

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