Man Decides To File For Divorce After Taking Closer Look At This Photo! Tabs, Mon., June 7, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

US sending vaxx to the foreigns, thank you Joe! (AP)

Let's all make an ad featuring law enforcement officers talking about the violence on 1/6 so Fox News can block it! — Newsweek

Manchin's entire governing model was put to the test. It failed. For now, he's sticking with it anyway, even if it makes Democratic governance impossible. Upside down smile emoji. — Steve Benen at MSNBC


It is impossible to know whether [Kyrsten] Sinema believes what she said, or whether she simply doesn't care. Both she and Manchin are committed to bipartisanship as a supreme good, which in practice means bowing to the wishes of a party that doesn't believe Joe Biden is a legitimate president and wants above all to see him fail.

Michelle Goldberg at the New York Times

The Arizona audit isn't a clown show: It's disinformation and it's working.

Mike Lindell sued Dominion. Every lawyer in the world vomited into a trash can at how shitbad the suit was ("evidence" examined at Washington Post), and then the BigLaw firm fired the lawyer. (Law)

Why Trump's fucking ridiculous "reinstatement" threat matters. — Steve Benen at MSNBC or Amanda Marcotte at Salon!

Jeb Bush's son George P. Bush is throwing in with Trump over his own father and mother. It's all a Greek tragedy, isn't it? (Mediaite)

In states where Republicans control the legislature, American life is rapidly changing. From Montana, I agree with Ron Brownstein at The Atlantic!

Looks like joining a union might make white people less racist. Somebody should tell the police unions, and also the other unions. (American Journal of Political Science)

What is this polycythemia vera, let's learn together. (Rare Diseases)


Let's make Kitchenista's olive oil cake!

People got all nuts telling the Department of Salad how to make a tuna salad, and I love every minute of it. (Department of Salad)

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