'Man Going His Own Way' Has Special Message For The Ladies What Scorned Him

'Man Going His Own Way' Has Special Message For The Ladies What Scorned Him

While one might think that a subreddit for MGTOWs -- Men Going Their Own Way -- would be full of men actually going their own way and basking in the glorious freedom of their lives without women, this is not the case! They are still very mad at us, and they want us to know it. And to truly feel the pain and regret of losing them to their own way that they are now going.

Because you see it is not enough for men to just go their own way and be done with it. Their movement is part "taking their toys and going home" but also part Lysistrata. The problem is that no one really wanted to play with their stupid toys to begin with, so the Lysistrata part is fairly ineffective.

But many of them have not lost hope. They are very, very convinced that at some point soon, women are going to wake up, see themselves replaced with super sexy fembots who totally want to play with MGTOW toys all the time, and finally regret all that silly women's lib stuff and beg to be their obedient and loving Stepford Wives. ONLY BY THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

This mindset is so perfectly captured in a recent post on the MGTOW subreddit, that I felt the need to share it with all of you.

Behold, a message to all the women who darest wander into their MGTOWpia, from user "MagicVinegar":

Who have stumbled upon this sub and the whole MGTOW thing via the Red Pill documentary.

You are now seeing the result of feminism on the world. The occultist cause you championed without ever really knowing what exactly your were championing.

You have seen how the feminist movement has destroyed the family, men and also yourselves.

We were calling out for people to listen to men decade upon decade about the suffering men experience everyday and you did not listen or you simply did not care.

Your movement lied to you and used you (hey they are women you should have known that was going to happen ffs).

So this is where we are now, we are walking away from ALL of you because we have seen the constant struggle is not worth the end result, you are all simply not worth it anymore.

We have took our power and sovereignty back we gave to you as part of the relationship dynamic and are now using it for our own individual betterment.

If you want to point fingers then look to yourselves because women are the ones that set this in motion and I honestly don't think there is anything women can do to stop it.

MGTOW is a logical male response to a stacked deck at a card game, they just get up and leave the table.

You are now on your own at that table ladies and the chips are dwindling fast.

Have fun playing the game.

Oh, no. What ever have we done?

The best thing about MGTOWs is that they are constantly making dramatic exits from parties no one even knew they were at.

Of course, many of those in the comment section did not share MagicVinegar's hope for a world in which women realize the error of their ways -- as women are just too dumb to even know what they have lost. Others worried that the sneaky evil women would just pretend to want to give up feminism and their careers and probably also the right to vote in order to disingenuously seduce men into marriage. Or something!

YEAH! Those ladies will for sure just start pretending to be conservative to be cool. That definitely seems like a real thing that will happen!

But also, again, we are too stupid to realize what we are missing out on.

But oh, haha! We are going to be SO MISERABLE, also, too! Hanging out at home with our cats being all lonely and stuff, drinking wine and definitely sobbing about all the super cool dreamboats on Reddit who are too smart to love us!

Ugh, I hardly know how we will all go on. Clearly, we are the angry, lonely ones in this dichotomy right here! Oh, except that also dating is super easy for us, apparently.

On behalf of women everywhere, I would like to thank every single one of these gentlemen for taking themselves out of the dating/gene pool and not inflicting themselves upon us. In fact, I would have to say that these fellas taking their toys and going home is one of the greatest gifts feminism has bestowed upon us. Truly, I do not think we could be more grateful.


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