Man Time: Sorry We Were Sexist at You Yesterday, Lady Sports!

Oh, you zip it, Doris!

Alert HNTP tipster Niki P. has reminded us July is not the dead zone of professional sports we claimed it was yesterday. Women play sports too, and seeing as it's the 15th anniversary of Brandi Chastain scandalizing America by revealing her sports bra, we think it is appropriate to devote this session of Man Time to lady sports. SORRY WE WERE SEXIST AT YOU, LADY SPORTS.

We were a younger, more innocent nation back when the #USWNT won it all in 1999. Sure, we'd spent the previous couple years hearing graphic details about the Presidential peen, and the '90s were the decade that made Pamela Anderson a household name, but when Chastain scored the winning penalty kick in the Women's World Cup finals, she ripped her shirt off in the kind of immodest expression of ecstasy we yearn to see in our male athletes (unless the athlete is Richard Sherman, but that's a different story for a different day).



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