Man Who Made Harmless Video Sentenced To 60 Days, Not Allowed Around Children


That guy who harmlessly made a YouTube video involving children? Obviously, he couldn't actually be convicted of making child pornography, but that didn't stop prosecutors from bullying him into pleading guilty and taking punishment for a crime that doesn't exist:

under a plea deal, Emory pled no contest to "unlawful posting of an Internet message with aggravating circumstances"; Yesterday he was sentenced to 60 days in jail, three years probation and forbidden from contact all kids under 17. Parents are pissed that the sentence is too lenient. Because any crime involving kids and the Internet should automatically result in the death penalty.

"Unlawful posting of an Internet message with aggravating circumstances"? If that sounds like a crime they just made up so they could charge him with something, that's probably because it is. At least he's not on the sex offender registry? [Gawker]


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