Many Exciting Non-Political Things Are Happening Today

  • A new standard for protest has been set in Thailand, and now Tea Partiers look like a bunch of nancies for not throwing (human?) blood at the buildings of their rivals. [CNN]
  • Relations between the US and Israel have reached "a crisis of historic proportions" since Bibi Netanyahu crapped in Joe Biden's lunch box. [Reuters]
  • How much will it cost to save our American communities from frightening Sewer Monsters? Untold bazillions. [New York Times]
  • The next time you go to the emergency room, keep a close eye on your vital organs because soon they may have a way of "walking off." [Washington Post]
  • Too lazy to read the DemonCraps' 14-million page healthcare overhaul document? Read this tasty summary by the liberal Associated Press. [AP]
  • Are you not reading this thing because you are not at work, due to a delayed commute on account of horrible wind storms? Join many of your fellow residents of the Northeast, who are sick of the weather. [ABC News]

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