Loyal Pence Idiot Marc Short Real Sorry Poor Sweet Trump Got 'Bad Advice' That Forced Him To Incite A Riot

Loyal Pence Idiot Marc Short Real Sorry Poor Sweet Trump Got 'Bad Advice' That Forced Him To Incite A Riot

Former Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff, Marc Short, doesn't blame the previous White House squatter for setting a violent mob loose on Pence. During an interview Saturday with CNN's Pamela Brown, Short claimed the twice-impeached thug was an innocent victim of “bad advice."

I think unfortunately the President was getting bad advice from people who had articulated that the Vice President would have some extraordinary powers that had never been used before ... during certification by Congress.

The one-term loser kept insisting Pence could unilaterally reject the results of an election he had also lost. This is absurd on its face. Al Gore was vice president in 2001 and presumably wanted to become president after the 2000 election. He didn't dismiss the Supreme Court's ruling against him and reject Florida's electors until there was a complete recount. This would've been no less legally bonkers that Senator Ted Cruz's proposed “emergency election audit." Gore never considered this because it's not how anything works.

The Kraken crew fed the Mad King a steady diet of coup-coup plots, but he had no appetite for “good" advice. He fired Christopher Krebs, the head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), after the heretic claimed the election wasn't stolen but was actually the most secure in United States history. He attacked the courts for repeatedly ruling against him, including the Supreme Court with its conservative 6-3 majority. He threatened Republican election officials. He denounced loyal Republican governors in Georgia and Arizona because they wouldn't break the law and help him steal the election.

The one-term loser was responsible for promoting the Big Lie that led to a deadly attack on the Capitol. Short refused to concede this obvious point and tried re-litigating the 2020 election again, but Brown wasn't having it. She kept slapping him down with facts.

SHORT: I said he got bad advice. I don't think — I did not say he bears responsibility for the riots. I think that the President's language was encouraging people to march to the Capitol.

The rally had no permit for a march, so even this benign interpretation of his “language" promoted illegal activity.

SHORT: I think there was a lot of frustration for a lot of people, including -- including us who have concerns about the election in 2020.

There were no legitimate concerns about the election. Listen to your own Republican head of CISA who the mad king fired. Krebs testified in December about the “corrosive" effects of the one-term loser's attacks on our elections. Georgia elections official Gabriel Sterling, also a Republican, warned about what would eventually come to pass on January 6. This wasn't a surprise.

SHORT: And I think there's a lot of tragedies that happened on January 6th, a lot of tragedies, most particularly those who lost life and the violence that occurred and the attack on the Capitol.


SHORT: But in some ways, Pamela, I think the American people were deprived the right to actually hear a debate about those improprieties that happened in the November election.

BROWN: What do you mean by that? How were they not able to take part? There were more than 60 cases, this was playing out in court, it was being talked about openly. What do you mean?

SHORT: Well, I think there are a couple of examples that were most concerning to us. One is in Pennsylvania, where in essence, the courts overstepped their bounds, and usually, the determination of what happens in the state election is determined by the state legislature and the courts unilaterally deciding they're going to extend receipt of mail-in ballots for an extra three days.

BROWN: Yes, but those ballots, Marc, I mean, we can get into the nitty-gritty, those ballots weren't even counted in the final tally. The ballots that arrived after Election Day were not counted in the final tally.

A Trump-appointed judge slammed down the case and said there is nothing here. There's no fraud. There's no allegation of -- and the legislature in Pennsylvania and 2019 Republican Majority passed the mail-in ballots. They were the ones — they were totally on board with mail-in ballot. So, go ahead.

Brown wasn't letting Short score any Big Lie points on her. He needed to take that weak shit someplace else.


Short's shameless display still wasn't enough for the Big Liars. They demand full fealty. Trump White House trade idiot Peter Navarro tweeted Saturday:

Marc Short is a tool of the Koch Brothers, the most anti-MAGA movement in the country. What @Mike_Pence did under the bad advice of Marc Short was cut and run from @POTUS45 and the Constitution on January 6.

During President Klan Robe's second annual impeachment trial, the House impeachment managers showed footage of the MAGA lynch mob shouting “Hang Mike Pence!" after breaking into the Capitol. The insurrectionists were just 60 feet from him. But Navarro is still drawing the proverbial target on his back and now he's included Short.

There's no appeasing the mad king, so you might as well just tell the truth. It's the easiest thing to remember.


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