Go To Hell And Shut The F*ck Up, Marco Rubio

Oh, Marco Rubio is so MAD. He's gonna have to get on Twitter and post a mean angry Bible verse, that's how mad he is. Maybe that'll teach the Miami Heat to make nice tribute videos to the children murdered in Uvalde, Texas, videos that ask sports fans to call their senators and tell them to pass common sense gun safety laws. And that'll teach Miami Heat fans to clap and cheer when the Miami Heat tells them to do that.

That'll teach 'em all. Marco Rubio gonna teach 'em all. BIG MAN!

Look at this fucking whining:

The video from the Miami Heat is a simple tribute to the 19 children and two adults who were slaughtered by a person wielding a gun they wouldn't have been able to get if it weren't for Republicans' inability to pull the NRA's testicles out of their mouths long enough to do something about mass shootings. Like most normal and good Americans, the Heat and the people who came to watch the playoffs game are heartbroken by what happened this week, which is just like what happened the week before and the week before and the week before that.

There is nothing controversial about the video, to any human who feels pain in their gut when they watch the video of Angel Garza, father of victim Amerie Jo Garza, as he talks about precisely how he learned his daughter had been murdered, from his daughter's distraught best friend who didn't know the medic helping her was her best friend's daddy.

And if your response to a fucking professional basketball team in your state pleading with sports fans to use their rights as citizens to call their senators is to priss around on Twitter with some Soviet-style whataboutism aimed at the NBA, then you deserve for us to assume you don't care about the dead kids. (By the way, he kept tweeting. And tweeting.)

Hey, remember when the Parkland kids got up Rubio's ass and made him look like a weak fool in front of a national audience, as they called out his squeaky clean perfect record of being on the side of mass shooting victims zero percent of the time? "Senator Rubio, it's hard to look at you and not look down the barrel of an AR-15," said survivor Cameron Kasky, who also made an amazing joke that day about how "NRA lady" Dana Loesch may perhaps avoid mirrors, by which he meant she was a vampire.

No one assumed Marco Rubio cared about the dead kids then.

How much was it again, Marco?

And that was in 2018. We could look up how much blood money he's slurped up since then, but we don't feel like it.

Watch that video from the Heat game again, because oh boy, did you hear how loudly those Heat fans cheered when the loudspeaker told them to call their fucking useless garbage senators? That roar? Shit. Yeah, we can see why Marco Rubio is mad.

Here's what Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra had to say before Wednesday night's game:

"Obviously, it was just tragic news yesterday. I left shootaround the other day, and it was before Game 1, I went straight to school to pick up my boys. My wife used to be a junior high teacher. We're just devastated by the news and I can't even imagine what that community and the families are feeling in that kind of scenario, going to school and seeing all the police cars and everything.
"It just continues to happen. I know everybody is saying there needs to be a call to action. I think what this is forcing people to do is just to figure it out, including myself. We don't have the answers but we want to be heard to be able to force people who can actually make the change.

How nice of him, he didn't even directly call Marco Rubio a piece of shit directly by name.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr directly called Republican senators a piece of shit when he spoke before their playoffs game this week. Shall we all watch him again? Sure why not.


Go to hell, Marco Rubio. That's what this post is about.

If you can't say anything normal and compassionate, just fuckin' go to hell. We know you're not going to actually do anything to wash the dead kids' blood off your hands. People stopped hoping for that years ago.

So just do us all a favor and shut the fuck up.

[Yahoo! Sports]

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