Marco Rubio Throws Florida's Old People Under the Bus


Go ahead, Republicans: Run over these nice grandparents.Wingnut child Marco Rubio wants to be Florida's next U.S. senator, but does he hate Florida's main population group (old people) too much? The maverick teabagger youth went on the teevee this weekend to debate charming orange heterosexual married man Charlie Crist, just to tell the Alligator State's millions of Olds that he would soon take away their Social Security and probably even their condos and bingo clubs. Why does Marco Rubio despise America's Future, the senior citizens?

Rubio's idea to "fix" Social Security is to raise the retirement age for benefits and lower the cost-of-living increases and, basically, to line up all the old people on the beach and shoot them and feed their corpses to the sharks, which is not kosher.

Sure, "experts" say "something" must be done about Social Security, which -- like everything else in America -- is going to go broke either sooner or later. Crist, being a politician, just muttered something about going after "waste" (young people) and not ever touching Florida's main source of income outside of cocaine dealing: Social Security checks. [ via Wonkette operative "Eric S."]


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