Rarely is the question asked, "Hey, I hope that Russian spy lady Maria Butina, who worked a spy plan to use the NRA to infiltrate the Republican party, is doing OK." And we're not askin' it here neither! But we have a few updates about her to share with you!

Rachel Maddow reported on Butina's case Wednesday night, noting that recent activity around the case suggests it's working toward some sort of resolution. Butina was supposed to be in court today, but that got canceled. However, attorneys for both sides had a conference call this morning that suggests negotiations for some sort of plea deal are still under way.

In case you need a reminder who the hell this woman is, we will remind you now. Butina was arrested this past summer, not long after she graduated from American University, because the feds got hip to her scheme to pretend to be a Russian "gun rights activist" (which is li'l bit different in Russia from how it is here, considering how Russia does not have a Second Amendment and is not a gun culture) and use the NRA to get Republicans and possibly the Trump campaign to do Russia's bidding. Somehow, back in 2015, Butina managed to be the very first person ever to ask Donald Trump about lifting Russian sanctions in public (spoiler alert, he liked the idea). It's funny because now we know that in late 2015, Trump was trying to make a Trump Tower Moscow happen (and lying to the American public about it), just like he had done a couple years before, but DOY! it didn't work out, because all the people and banks in Russia that could fund such a thing are under heavy US sanctions. It sure does seem that lifting those sanctions might be the quid pro quo for Russia helping steal the election for Donald Trump, but we won't be certain until Robert Mueller tells us the whole story.

Butina's handler was a Russian oligarch and NRA life member named Aleksandr Torshin, who is under a fuckton of sanctions of his own. Butina's American fraudster buddy/co-conspirator/boyfriend she maybe didn't like banging (but all in a day's work, we guess!) was a Trump adviser/GOP strategist named Paul Erickson, who is almost 30 years older than Butina, and who the Daily Beast reports this week is now being investigated as a literal actual Russian agent, under an espionage statute that is more serious than just being a normal paid foreign agent like Michael Flynn or Paul Manafort.

ANYWAY, a couple weeks ago, prosecutors filed a thing about seeking a resolution to Butina's case. What kind of "resolution" might that be? A plea deal? Rachel Maddow suggested a SPY SWAP, but only as a longshot? We dunno!

But if Butina ended up cooperating in some way, Mother Jones notes that she could probably spill some dirt on all kinds of stuff, both about her Russian spy work in the US, and about other Trump/GOP fuckgoons she got cozy with, like Trump campaign idiot J.D. Gordon, current national security advisor John Bolton (who made a glossy promo video for her fake-ass gun rights group), and David Keene, the former president of the NRA. Butina also canoodled with outgoing Russo-Californian congressman Dana Rohrabacher, so if there's an upcoming federal case with his name on it -- and there probably is -- Butina might be of assistance!

Maybe she can tell the investigators about that time she tried to pitch a Duck Dynasty Siberian Tiger Porn Fly-Fishing show to the Outdoor Channel, starring Vladimir Putin. (Really. Keene and his wife Donna made that little connection happen.) Or she can tell them about her plan to become an Amway lady, except for Russian jet fuel, to create fun and profit, again for David Keene and his wife Donna.

And as Mother Jones notes, she might have some dirt on Russia laundering money through the NRA to the Trump campaign, and on her 57-year-old sexxx lover's attempts to make collusion meetings happen between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

Maybe she's got some dirt on Dipshit Trump Jr., pictured above with Butina at an NRA event in 2016!

Oh hey, remember that time the NRA Butina's "gun" group, "The Right To Bear Arms," organized a weird gunhumper delegation to Moscow the very same week in December 2015 as that RT gala where Jill Stein and Michael Flynn sat in Putin's lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas? That happened. Maybe the feds are interested in it!

So let's hope for a plea deal and some sort of cooperation! (Not that we should trust a fucking Russian spy to tell the truth about anything.)

Wanna watch Maddow's report from last night? OK, since you asked nicely.

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